Democrats Have a 2024 Problem

Will Joe Biden run for a second term? There have been mixed signals, to say the least.

But can he?

Any reasonable observer understands that Biden’s cognitive abilities are declining rapidly. He is being run by committee, behind the scenes. By 2024, who knows how badly things will have deteriorated? Plus, the “Committee” won’t get away with hiding him in his basement a second time.

But don’t tell the Committee any of this, because their actions suggest they are going for it. How do we know? Because of the constant stream of negative articles about Vice President Harris, clearly leaked from 1600 to Politico and other Dem-friendly outlets.

It’s a fascinating dynamic: a U.S. president, or his staff, throwing his own veep under the bus.

What’s going on here?

What follows is speculation, but highly plausible nonetheless.

Think back to the primaries. Biden was circling the drain, running an awful campaign, when James Clyburn came to the rescue in South Carolina. He and other party leaders decided nominating Bernie was suicide, so they suddenly rallied around Biden as the safe, anodyne choice.

But this support didn’t come without a price, and that price was a black running mate. The Congressional Black Caucus wanted a way back to 1600, and Biden seemed unlikely to serve two terms. They would only have to wait four, or, maybe even less. If Biden’s mental state declined too much, the 25th Amendment could be brought to bear.

Either way, the path back to power seemed clear.

The Committee isn’t happy with any of this, particularly talk of the 25th Amendment, so they have set out to make Harris unpalatable, and it’s been a very effective campaign. Harris’s numbers are even lower than Biden’s, very unusual for a V.P.

Of course, Harris hasn’t helped her own cause. She seems woefully out of her depth, and it’s not as if the vice presidency is a particularly hard job. It comes with practically zero actual responsibilities, and yet Harris is widely disliked across the political spectrum, a non-starter to lead a 2024 ticket.

But the Committee is insane if they think they can carry the senescent Biden through another campaign. Should I add he will be 81? Ronald Reagan was 69 when questions were raised by Democrats about whether he was too old to serve.

So, if not Biden, and not Harris, who?

Yes, it’s early, but it’s a fascinating question.

Elizabeth Warren? She will be 75, not to mention she’s prickly and unlikeable, no matter how many beers she has (see: Hillary Clinton).

Bernie? Not a chance. He will be 82, and party elders won’t feel any differently about him next time.

Bloomberg? He will be 82, and will have no appetite to be embarrassed a second time. It’s the links for Mike.

How about Buttigieg? I’ll give that a maybe. At least he’s not a member of the Democrat gerontocracy. But he seems like a lightweight, and does anyone even know he’s a cabinet member? (He is.)

The Obama years decimated Democrat ranks, having lost nearly one thousand federal and state elected positions. Worse, they were left with near zero moderates. Those remaining lean hard left, and there won’t be much appetite for that after Biden’s unpopular descent into wokeness.

There are a couple of exceptions. There’s Joe Manchin, of course, but Dem primary voters would hate him. Maybe Kyrsten Sinema? But is the country ready for an openly bi-sexual president? You tell me.

In short, this thing is wide open. My bet is that some relatively unknown Dem governor will pull a Jimmy Carter and come out of nowhere, because someone has to be nominated.

Yeah yeah, I know. Political predictions are hazardous for your health, particularly ones three years out, but it’s a parlor game, and the Naked Dollar is playing.

Tell me who takes it in the comments.