For your consideration, I give you Jake Sullivan.

Sullivan, as a reminder, is Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor. He is a mere forty-four years old. But what a resume!

  • Sullivan went to Yale, where he was an editor of the Yale Daily News, graduated summa cum laude, was Phi Beta…

Will Joe Biden run for a second term? There have been mixed signals, to say the least.

But can he?

Any reasonable observer understands that Biden’s cognitive abilities are declining rapidly. He is being run by committee, behind the scenes. By 2024, who knows how badly things will have deteriorated…

A woman’s name came up in polite conversation recently. She runs one of the school boards of which I have been critical of late. That board has been doing a horrible job, a complete disservice to the kids at that school. They are in full thrall of Critical Race Theory.


Our nation’s most storied and elite schools are increasingly becoming a parody of themselves. What was once a completely proper effort to broaden horizons and become more inclusive has turned into a self-parodying fetish. Our schools are now full fledged participants in the drive to dismantle Western culture.

Lots of…

Scott Johnston

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